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Feb 24, 2011:
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In the twenty plus years since we started this part of our business, Enameltec has established its reputation as one of the world's finest producers of graphic art, expressed through a porcelain enamel medium.

Our customer simply provides us with a photograph, with finished camera ready artwork, or sometimes only a few words. Through screen printing and photo process methods, we then interpret this design concept into the lasting impression that our client seeks. Artwork is first broken down into its basic components, using sophisticated computer technology. Each of these elements is then separately fused, layer by layer, to the porcelain panel. This process may require as many as twelve passes through our firing kilns. The total imaging system adds, to a customer image, a beauty and permanence that is unavailable in any other medium.

We create signage that can include wayfinding maps, directional systems, interpretive graphics, or even reproductions of original works of art. The graphics themselves can range from straightforward one color text to full color photographic reproduction.

Each client has a particular need, and Enameltec takes on the challenge of fulfilling the most demanding of design criteria.

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